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The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers

Budget Banquet
March 2017, Stationers' Hall, London

Tax Advisers Company Budget Banquet at Stationers Hall - Mar 2017  Tax Advisers Company Budget Banquet at Stationers Hall - Mar 2017

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Civic & Charities Luncheon
June 2016, Armourers' Hall, City of London

The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers -  Armourers' Hall, Junec 2016  The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers -  Armourers' Hall, Junec 2016

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The History of the Company

On 19 December 1995 some leading members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (founded in 1930) adopted Ordinances for "The Guild of Tax Advisers". Its three primary aims were to enhance the standing of the profession of tax advisers in the City of London; to support and fund benevolent and charitable causes, and to provide for fellowship between tax advisers. Its sponsor was Alderman Richard Agutter, FCA, who became Sheriff for 2000-01. Immense support was received from Andrew Gillett, CTA, FCA, the Clerk of the Founders' Company.

At the Guild's first Civic Luncheon in Founders' Hall on 19 May 1997 the then Lord Mayor, the late Alderman Sir Roger Cork, FCA, accepted honorary membership.

Within five years, on 12 December 2000, the Court of Alderman constituted the Guild a City Company without Livery and the members became Freemen. Four years later, on 18 January 2005, the Court of Alderman approved the Grant of Livery as the 107th Company in order of precedence.

A new Master and Wardens are elected each June and installed on or about St Matthew's day (21 September) with a service in the Guild Church, the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great. The Company has an affiliation with HMS Bangor, a Royal Navy minehunter, and I 0 I Squadron Royal Air Force based at RAF Brize Norton.

In September 2008, the Company was proud to see one of it's founder members, Past Master, Alderman lan Luder elected as the 681st Lord Mayor of the City of London.

In furtherance of its objects, Company Freemen and Liverymen support the Tax Advisers' Benevolent Fund and the Company of Tax Advisers' Charity, both administered by Trustees appointed by the Master.

Besides attending the annual United Guilds' Service at St Paul's Cathedral each March, Common Hall in Guildhall in June and September, and the Lord Mayor's Show in November, the Company has an active social programme to which spouses and guests may be invited, Reports appear in Tax Adviser.

The Freedom and Livery of the Company are open to all qualified tax advisers and the Clerk will be glad to provide further details.

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The Arms of the Company

The Arms were granted to the Company in 1999 and the Supporters in 2000.

The blue of the shield symbolises the River Thames, the heart of the City of London. The cross represents the Roman X or ten, indicating the tithe or tenth paid in ancient times, chequered to reflect the Court of Exchequer that used counters on a squared tablecloth. The chain symbolises the links of fellowship between the Company's liverymen. Above the helm, the owl, as in the Arms of the Chartered Institute of Taxation to which many of the Liverymen belong, represents wisdom, and extends the purse of charitable provision.

Both Supporters are mythical creatures. The Griffin combines the attributes of the king of the beasts and the king of the birds, with the body and ears of the lion and the head, wings and talons of the eagle. Associated with the gods of Minos and Greece, it was an animal of the sun and of Justice, and was guardian of Treasure.

Pegasus was the winged steed of Apollo, so it is largely connected to intellectual arts. Used by the Knights Templar, it became the symbol of fame, eloquence and contemplation, The plants, thrift and London Pride grow from the bank on which the Supporters stand.

The motto "Truth, Charity, Fellowship", reflects the Company's three basic aims: to represent a profession that stands for truth in its dealings, to distribute charity and to provide fellowship for all tax advisers.

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