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LDSA - London District Surveyors Association

Building Excellence Awards Dinner
May 2011, Guildhall, City of London

LDSA Building Excellence Awards  Dinner   LDSA Building Excellence Awards  Dinner

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London District Surveyors Association

Built on foundations over 300 years old, the modern London District Surveyors Association is an organisation of the heads of local authority building control in London.

Probably, its most important role is to guide local authority building control officers in London with up-to-date, expert advice to achieve uniformity of interpretation and operation of the national building regulations.

This role is reflected in the Association’s history where the Act for Rebuilding the City of London in 1667 decreed that there should be appointed:

‘one or more discreet and intelligent Person or Persons in the art of Building to be Surveyors or Supervisors to see the said rules and scantlings well and truly observed...’

District Surveyors have met together regularly since 1774 when the Building Act confirmed the control of building work by statutory Surveyors in an area of central London.

In January 1845 the original District Surveyors Association was founded and incorporated in 1905 as the forerunner to the LDSA.

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